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_grouped_room_list.php File Reference


</h1 ><?endif?><?foreach($grouped_rooms
as $group) 
$buildings = $group['buildings']
foreach($buildings as
$building_group)('Raum')?></th >
< th class foreach($building_group['rooms']
as $resource) if(!empty($link_template)) 
 if ($user)

Variable Documentation

if($grouped_rooms) (!empty($title)) ($title)?></h1 ><?endif?><?foreach($grouped_rooms as $group) $buildings = $group['buildings']

Template parameters:

  • $title: The list title
  • $grouped_rooms: The rooms, grouped by RoomManager::groupRooms
  • $link_template: An optional link template where the room-ID is represented by the only "%s" placeholder. If $link_template is not set, the link to the booking plan of the room is generated.
  • $show_in_dialog: Whether to show the room link in a dialog (true) or not (false).
foreach ($buildings as $building_group) ('Raum') ?> </th> <th class foreach ($building_group['rooms'] as $resource) if (!empty($link_template)) else
Initial value:
$room_link = $resource->getActionLink('booking_plan')
Initial value:
=> $resource->userHasPermission($user, 'admin'),
'show_tutor_actions' => $resource->userHasPermission($user, 'tutor'),
'show_autor_actions' => $resource->userHasPermission($user, 'autor'),
'show_user_actions' => $resource->userHasPermission($user, 'user'),
'user_has_booking_rights' => $resource->userHasBookingRights($user)]
if(count($users)===0)<?=_('EswurdenkeineBenutzergefunden.')?></td ></tr ><?else:?><?foreach(array_values($users) as $index=> $user
Definition: show_role.php:84