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count($plugins) count(array_filter($plugins,($p){return
$p['enabled'];})) count(array_filter($plugins,
</div ><? 
foreach ($plugins as $plugin)


if(!$plugin['enabled']) echo
'class type enabled 

Function Documentation

if ($num_updates) ($this->render_partial('admin/plugin/update_info')) ?> <? endif ?> <? if (count($plugins) count ($plugins) count (array_filter($plugins,($p){return $p['enabled'];})) count (array_filter($plugins, function ($p) { return !$p['enabled']; })) ) ?> </div> <? foreach (   $plugins as)

Variable Documentation

string $class_name database column:The name of the SORM class

name where items have to be children of in order to be used with the clipboard. This attribute defaults to 'StudipItem' which means that by default all implementations of StudipItem can be inserted into a clipboard. If only items of a special implementation of StudipItem shall be able to be inserted into the clipboard this attribute has to be set to the class name of that implementation.

corresponding to the range-ID specified in the range_id column.

that handles the resource object, defaults to Resource.

if ($num_updates) ($this->render_partial('admin/plugin/update_info')) ?> <? endif ?> <? if (count($plugins) else
Initial value:
= MessageBox::info(_('Es sind noch keine Plugins in diesem Stud.IP vorhanden.'), [
_('Sie können Plugins aus dem Marktplatz installieren oder manuell hochladen.'),
_('Benutzen Sie dafür die Funktion "%sweitere Plugins installieren%s" in der Info-Box.'),
'<a href="' . $controller->url_for('admin/plugin/search') . '">',
static info($message, $details=[], $close_details=false)
Definition: MessageBox.class.php:96
title _
Definition: likert_evaluation.php:56
max width
Initial value:
<input type="checkbox" name="enabled_<?= $pluginid ?>"
value="1" <? if ($plugin['enabled']) echo 'checked'
if(count($plugins)===0)<?=_('EswurdenkeinePluginsgefunden.')?></td ></tr ><?else:?><?foreach(array_values($plugins) as $index=> $plugin
Definition: show_role.php:184
< inputtype="radio"name="visibility_update[<?=$element['id']?> value
Definition: privacy.php:139
foreach($GLOBALS['TERMIN_TYP'] as $id=> $value)($value['name'])?></option ><?endforeach?></select ></label >< label class if(Config::get() ->RESOURCES_ENABLE &&($selectable_rooms||$room_search)) type
Definition: editDate.php:38
foreach($controllerreflection->getMethods(ReflectionMethod::IS_PUBLIC) as $method)(stripos($method->name,"_action")===strlen($method->name)-7)($method->name, 0, stripos($method->name,"_action"))?><?if(!in_array($name array("render","map","index")))<?$name=substr($method-> name
Definition: index.php:43