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AuthorObject Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AuthorObject:
DatabaseObject EvaluationExportManager StudipObject EvaluationObjectDB EvaluationExportManagerCSV EvaluationObject EvaluationAnswerDB EvaluationDB EvaluationGroupDB EvaluationQuestionDB Evaluation EvaluationAnswer EvaluationGroup EvaluationQuestion

Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 x_instanceof ()
 isError ()
 getErrors ()
 resetErrors ()
 throwError ($errcode, $errstring)
 throwErrorFromClass (AuthorObject $class)

Data Fields


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( )

Constructor public

Member Function Documentation

getErrors ( )

Gives the codes and descriptions of the internal errors public

array The errors as an Array like "1" => "Could not open DB"
isError ( )

Gives the internal errorcode public

boolean True if an error exists
resetErrors ( )

Resets the errorcodes and descriptions public

throwError (   $errcode,

Sets the errorcode (internal) public

integer$errcodeThe code of the error
string$errstringThe description of the error
throwErrorFromClass ( AuthorObject  $class)

Sets the errorcode from other classes (internal) private

object$classThe class with the error
x_instanceof ( )

Gets the type of object public

string The type of object. See INSTANCEOF_*

Field Documentation

array $errorArray

Holds the code and description of an internal error private

string $instanceof

Holds the type of object. See INSTANCEOF_* private

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