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AutoNavigation Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AutoNavigation:

Public Member Functions

 isActive ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Navigation
 __construct ($title, $url=NULL, $params=NULL)
 initItem ()
 getImage ()
 getImageTag ()
 getTitle ()
 getDescription ()
 getURL ()
 getBadgeNumber ()
 getBadgeTimestamp ()
 hasBadgeNumber ()
 isActive ()
 isEnabled ()
 isVisible ($needs_image=false)
 setActive ($active)
 setEnabled ($enabled)
 setImage (\Icon $image=null, $linkAttributes=[])
 setActiveImage (\Icon $image=null, $linkAttributes=[])
 setLinkAttributes ($attributes)
 getLinkAttributes ()
 setTitle ($title)
 setDescription ($description)
 setURL ($url, $params=NULL)
 setBadgeNumber ($badgeNumber)
 setBadgeTimestamp ($badgeTimestamp)
 activeSubNavigation ()
 addSubNavigation ($name, Navigation $navigation)
 insertSubNavigation ($name, Navigation $navigation, $where)
 getSubNavigation ()
 removeSubNavigation ($name)
 getIterator ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Navigation
static activateItem ($path)
static addItem ($path, Navigation $navigation)
static insertItem ($path, Navigation $navigation, $where)
static removeItem ($path)
static getItem ($path)
static hasItem ($path)
static setRootNavigation (Navigation $navigation)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Navigation
 initSubNavigation ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from Navigation
 $initialized = false
 $link_attributes = []

Member Function Documentation

isActive ( )

Determine whether this navigation item is active or not. This implementation tries to guess it based on the request URL and query parameters.

boolean true if item is active, false otherwise

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