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CalendarInstscheduleModel Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static getSeminarEntry ($seminar_id, $user_id, $cycle_id=false)
static getInstituteEntries ($user_id, $semester, $start_hour, $end_hour, $institute_id, $days)

Detailed Description

Pseudo-namespace containing helper methods for the calendar of institutes.


Member Function Documentation

static getInstituteEntries (   $user_id,

Returns an array of CalendarColumn's, containing the seminar-entries for the passed user (in the passed semester belonging to the passed institute) The start- and end-hour are used to constrain the returned entries to the passed time-period. The passed days constrain the entries to these.

string$user_idthe ID of the user
array$semesteran array containing the "beginn" of the semester
int$start_hourthe start hour
int$end_hourthe end hour
string$institute_idthe ID of the institute
array$daysthe days to be displayed
array an array containing the entries
static getSeminarEntry (   $seminar_id,
  $cycle_id = false 

Returns a schedule entry for a course

string$seminar_idthe ID of the course
string$user_idthe ID of the user
string$cycle_idoptional; if given, specifies the ID of the entry
array an array containing the properties of the entry

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