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DataFieldTextmarkupEntry Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DataFieldTextmarkupEntry:
DataFieldTextareaEntry DataFieldEntry

Public Member Functions

 setValueFromSubmit ($submitted_value)
 getDisplayValue ($entities=true)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DataFieldTextareaEntry
 getDisplayValue ($entities=true)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DataFieldEntry
 __construct (DataField $datafield=null, $rangeID= '', $value=null)
 store ()
 isRequired ()
 getDescription ()
 getType ()
 getDisplayValue ($entities=true)
 getValue ()
 getName ()
 getId ()
 getHTML ($name= '', $variables=[])
 setValue ($value)
 setValueFromSubmit ($submitted_value)
 setRangeID ($range_id)
 setSecondRangeID ($sec_range_id)
 setContentLanguage ($language)
 isEmpty ()
 isValid ()
 numberOfHTMLFields ()
 getRangeID ()
 getSecondRangeID ()
 isVisible ($perm=null, $test_ownership=true)
 isEditable ($perms=null)
 getPermsDescription ()

Protected Attributes

 $template = 'textmarkup.php'
- Protected Attributes inherited from DataFieldTextareaEntry
 $template = 'textarea.php'
- Protected Attributes inherited from DataFieldEntry
 $language = ''
 $template = null

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DataFieldEntry
static getSupportedTypes ($object_type=null)
static createDataFieldEntry (DataField $datafield, $rangeID= '', $value=null)
static getDataFieldEntries ($range_id, $object_type= '', $object_class_hint= '')
static removeAll ($range_id)
- Data Fields inherited from DataFieldEntry
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DataFieldEntry
 prettyPrintViewPerms ()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from DataFieldEntry
static $supported_types

Detailed Description

Elmar Ludwig elmar.nosp@m..lud.nosp@m.wig@u.nosp@m.os.d.nosp@m.e GPL2 or any later version

Member Function Documentation

getDisplayValue (   $entities = true)

Returns the display/rendered value of this datafield

bool$entitiesShould html entities be encoded (defaults to true)
String containg the rendered value
setValueFromSubmit (   $submitted_value)

Sets the value from a post request

mixed$submitted_valueThe value from request

Field Documentation

$template = 'textmarkup.php'

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