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ExternConfigDb Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ExternConfigDb:

Public Member Functions

 store ()
 parse ()
 insertConfiguration ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ExternConfig
 __construct ($range_id, $module_name, $config_id= '')
 getName ()
 getConfigName ()
 getType ()
 getTypeName ()
getConfiguration ()
 setConfiguration ($config)
 setDefaultConfiguration ($config)
 getParameterNames ()
 getAllParameterNames ()
 getValue ($element_name, $attribute)
 setValue ($element_name, $attribute, $value)
 getAttributes ($element_name, $tag, $second_set=false)
 getTag ($element_name, $tag, $second_set=false)
 restore ($module, $element_name= '', $values= '')
 store ()
 parse ()
 makeId ()
 getId ()
 createConfigName ($range_id)
 setGlobalConfig ($global_config, $registered_elements)
 insertConfiguration ()
 deleteConfiguration ()
 copy ($range_id)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ExternConfig
static GetInstance ($range_id, $module_name, $config_id= '')
static GetAllConfigurations ($range_id, $type=null)
static GetConfigurationMetaData ($range_id, $config_id)
static ExistConfiguration ($range_id, $config_id)
static SetStandardConfiguration ($range_id, $config_id)
static DeleteAllConfigurations ($range_id)
static GetInfo ($range_id, $config_id)
static GetGlobalConfiguration ($range_id)
static ChangeName ($range_id, $module_type, $config_id, $old_name, $new_name)
static GetConfigurationByName ($range_id, $module_type, $name)
static GetStandardConfiguration ($range_id, $type)
static GetInstitutesWithConfigurations ($check_view=null)
- Data Fields inherited from ExternConfig
 $id = null
 $config = []
 $global_id = null
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ExternConfig
 updateConfiguration ()

Member Function Documentation

insertConfiguration ( )
parse ( )
store ( )

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