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ExternEditModule Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ExternEditModule:
ExternEditHtml ExternEditGeneric ExternEdit

Public Member Functions

 __construct (&$config, $form_values="", $faulty_values="", $edit_element="")
 editMainSettings ($field_names, $hide_fields="", $hide="")
 editSort ($field_names, $hide_fields=NULL)
 editName ($attribute)
 editGroups ()
 editSemTypes ()
 editSelectSubjectAreas ($selector)
 editMarkerDescription ($markers, $new_datafields=FALSE)
 editSelectInstitutes ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ExternEditHtml
 __construct (&$config, $form_values="", $faulty_values="", $edit_element="")
 editHeight ($attribute)
 editBorder ($attribute)
 editColor ($attribute)
 editBgcolor ($attribute)
 editBordercolor ($attribute)
 editBgcolor2 ($attribute)
 editText ($attribute)
 editLink ($attribute)
 editVlink ($attribute)
 editAlink ($attribute)
 editColorGeneric ($attribute, $title, $info)
 editCellpadding ($attribute)
 editCellspacing ($attribute)
 editWidth ($attribute)
 editAlign ($attribute)
 editValign ($attribute)
 editSize ($attribute)
 editFace ($attribute)
 editClass ($attribute)
 editStyle ($attribute)
 editTitle ($attribute)
 editZebraTd ($attribute)
 editZebraTh ($attribute)
 editBackground ($attribute)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ExternEditGeneric
 __construct (&$config, $form_values="", $faulty_values="", $edit_element="")
 editFaceGeneric ($attribute, $title, $info)
 editTextfieldGeneric ($attribute, $title, $info, $size, $maxlength)
 editTextareaGeneric ($attribute, $title, $info, $rows, $cols)
 editCheckboxGeneric ($attribute, $title, $info, $check_values, $check_names)
 editRadioGeneric ($attribute, $title, $info, $radio_values, $radio_names)
 editOptionGeneric ($attribute, $title, $info, $option_values, $option_names, $size=1, $multiple=FALSE)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ExternEdit
 __construct (&$config, $form_values="", $faulty_values="", $edit_element="")
 setElementName ($element_name)
 getValue ($attribute)
 getEditFormContent ($attributes, $tag_headlines=NULL)
 editHeader ()
 editFooter ()
 editSubmit ($module_name, $config_id, $element_name="", $hidden=NULL)
 editHeadline ($headline)
 editElementHeadline ($element_real_name, $module_name, $config_id, $open=TRUE)
 editContentTable ($header, $body)
 editContent ($content, $submit, $class="")
 editBlankContent ($class="")
 editBlankContentTable ($class="")
 editBlank ($class="")
 editTextblock ($text, $class="")

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from ExternEdit
 $form_values = []
 $faulty_values = []
 $element_name = "main"
 $is_post_vars = FALSE
 $width_1 = " width=\"20%\""
 $width_2 = " width=\"80%\""
 $error_sign = "<font size=\"4\" color=\"ff0000\">&nbsp; &nbsp;<b>*</b></font>"

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( $config,
  $form_values = "",
  $faulty_values = "",
  $edit_element = "" 

Member Function Documentation

editGroups ( )
editMainSettings (   $field_names,
  $hide_fields = "",
  $hide = "" 
editMarkerDescription (   $markers,
  $new_datafields = FALSE 
editName (   $attribute)
editSelectInstitutes ( )
editSelectSubjectAreas (   $selector)
editSemTypes ( )
editSort (   $field_names,
  $hide_fields = NULL 

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