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ExternElementContact Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ExternElementContact:

Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 getDefaultConfig ()
 toStringEdit ($post_vars="", $faulty_values="", $edit_form="", $anker="")
 checkValue ($attribute, $value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ExternElement
 __construct (&$config, $element_name)
 getType ()
 getName ()
 getRealname ()
 getDefaultConfig ()
 isEditable ()
 getValue ($attribute)
 toString ($args=NULL)
 printout ($args=NULL)
 toStringEdit ($post_vars="", $faulty_values="", $edit_form="", $anker="")
 getEditFormHeadline (&$edit_form)
 printoutEdit ($post_vars="", $faulty_values="", $edit_form="", $anker="")
 getAttributes ($short=TRUE)
 getDescription ()
 executeCommand ($command, $value="")
 checkFormValues ()
 checkValue ($attribute, $value)
 createUrl ($args=NULL)

Data Fields

- Data Fields inherited from ExternElement
 $headlines = []

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ExternElement
static GetInstance (&$config, $element_name, &$data_fields=null, &$field_names=null)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( )


Member Function Documentation

checkValue (   $attribute,
getDefaultConfig ( )
toStringEdit (   $post_vars = "",
  $faulty_values = "",
  $edit_form = "",
  $anker = "" 

Field Documentation

Initial value:
= ["order", "visible", "aliases", "headline", "adradd", "table_width",
"table_align", "table_border", "table_bgcolor", "table_bordercolor", "table_cellpadding",
"table_cellspacing", "table_class", "table_style", "tr_class",
"tr_style", "td_height", "td_align", "td_valign", "td_bgcolor", "td_class", "td_style",
"fonttitle_face", "fonttitle_size", "fonttitle_color", "fonttitle_class",
"fonttitle_style", "fontcontent_face", "fontcontent_size", "fontcontent_color",
"fontcontent_class", "fontcontent_style", "hidepersname", "hideinstname", "separatelinks",
"showinstgroup", "defaultadr"]

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