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ExternSemBrowseTable Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ExternSemBrowseTable:

Public Member Functions

 __construct (&$module, $start_item_id)
 print_result ()
 getGroupContent ($the_tree, $group_field)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SemBrowse
 __construct ($sem_browse_data_init=[])
 show_class ()
 get_sem_class ()
 get_sem_range ($item_id, $with_kids)
 get_sem_range_tree ($item_id, $with_kids)
 do_output ()
 print_level ($start_id=null)
 print_result ()
 create_result_xls ($headline= '')
 get_result ()
 getQuickSearchForm ()

Data Fields

- Data Fields inherited from SemBrowse
 $group_by_fields = []

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SemBrowse
static getSearchOptionNavigation ($target, $option_name=null)
static transferSessionData ()
static getDefaultSemester ()
static setClassesSelector ($submit_url)
static setSemesterSelector ($submit_url)
static getStatusCourseAdmission ($seminar_id, $prelim)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( $module,

Member Function Documentation

getGroupContent (   $the_tree,
print_result ( )

Field Documentation


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