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StudipNews Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StudipNews:

Public Member Functions

 getId ($news)
 getAttributes ($news, ContextInterface $context)
 getRelationships ($news, ContextInterface $context)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SchemaProvider
 __construct (FactoryInterface $factory, SchemaContainerInterface $schemaContainer,?\User $user)
 getType ()
 isAddSelfLinkInRelationshipByDefault (string $relationshipName)
 isAddRelatedLinkInRelationshipByDefault (string $relationshipName)
 createLinkToResource ($resource)
 shouldInclude (ContextInterface $context, string $key)
 getAllowedAncludePaths (ContextInterface $context)

Static Public Member Functions

static getRangeClasses ()
static getRangeTypes ()

Data Fields

const TYPE = 'news'
const REL_AUTHOR = 'author'
const REL_COMMENTS = 'comments'
const REL_RANGES = 'ranges'
- Data Fields inherited from SchemaProvider
const TYPE = ''

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SchemaProvider

Member Function Documentation

getAttributes (   $news,
ContextInterface  $context 
getId (   $news)
static getRangeClasses ( )
static getRangeTypes ( )
getRelationships (   $news,
ContextInterface  $context 


Field Documentation

const REL_AUTHOR = 'author'
const REL_COMMENTS = 'comments'
const REL_RANGES = 'ranges'
const TYPE = 'news'

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