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LibrarySearchManager Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static catalogsConfigured (bool $exclude_local=false)
static search (array $search_parameters=[], string $order_by=LibrarySearch::ORDER_BY_RELEVANCE, int $limit=100)

Detailed Description

This is a helper class for the library search functionality.

Member Function Documentation

static catalogsConfigured ( bool  $exclude_local = false)

Checks whether catalogs are configured or not.

boolWhether to exclude local catalogs from the list of configured catalogs (true) or not (false). Defaults to false.
bool True, if at least one catalog is configured, false otherwise.
static search ( array  $search_parameters = [],
string  $order_by = LibrarySearch::ORDER_BY_RELEVANCE,
int  $limit = 100 

Starts a search in the configured library catalogs. If a local catalog is configured, its results are compared to the other catalogs results to identify matches that are available in the local catalog.

array$search_parametersThe search parameters to be used.
See Also
The LibrarySearch class for standardised field names.
string$order_byThe ordering of the search results.
See Also
The LibrarySearch class for allowed order names.
int$limitThe maximum amount of results for each catalog.
LibraryDocument[][] A two-dimensional array of LibraryDocument instances where the first dimension represents a catalog and the second dimension represents the search results.
ExceptionIf no library catalogs are configured.

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