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AbstractPluginCommand Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AbstractPluginCommand:
AbstractCommand I18NCommand PluginActivate PluginDeactivate PluginInfo PluginInstall PluginListMigrations PluginMigrate PluginRegister PluginScan PluginStatusMigrations PluginUnregister

Protected Member Functions

 findPluginByName (\PluginManager $pluginManager, string $pluginname)
 findPluginNameByFolder (string $folder)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AbstractCommand
 getFolderIterator (string $folder, bool $recursive=false,?array $extensions=null)
 relativeFilePath (string $filepath, bool $plugin=false)
 absoluteFilePath (string $filepath, bool $plugin=false)

Member Function Documentation

findPluginByName ( \PluginManager  $pluginManager,
string  $pluginname 
findPluginNameByFolder ( string  $folder)

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