Stud.IP  5.4
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StudipAuthStandard Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StudipAuthStandard:

Public Member Functions

 isAuthenticated ($username, $password)
 isUsedUsername ($username)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StudipAuthAbstract
 __construct ($config=[])
 authenticateUser ($username, $password)
 getStudipUser ($username)
 doNewUserInit ($user)
 setUserDomains ($user)
 getUserDomains ()
 doDataMapping ($user)
 isMappedField ($name)
 verifyUsername ($username)
 isUsedUsername ($username)
 isAuthenticated ($username, $password)
 __isset ($offset)
 __set ($offset, $value)
 __get ($offset)
 __unset ($offset)

Data Fields

 $bad_char_regex = false
- Data Fields inherited from StudipAuthAbstract
 $is_new_user = false
 $user_data_mapping = null

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from StudipAuthAbstract
static getInstance ($plugin_name=false)
static CheckAuthentication ($username, $password)
static CheckUsername ($username)
static CheckField ($field_name, $plugin_name)
static CheckIPRange ()
static CheckIPRangeV4 ($ip, $range)
static CheckIPRangeV6 ($ip, $range)

Member Function Documentation

isAuthenticated (   $username,


isUsedUsername (   $username)

Field Documentation

$bad_char_regex = false

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