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StudipSemTree Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StudipSemTree:

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($args)
 init ()
 initEntries ()
 isModuleItem ($item_id)
 isHiddenItem ($item_id)
 getSemIds ($item_id, $ids_from_kids=false)
 getSemData ($item_id, $sem_data_from_kids=false)
 getLonelySemData ($item_id)
 getNumEntries ($item_id, $num_entries_from_kids=false)
 getAdminRange ($item_id)
 InsertItem ($item_id, $parent_id, $item_name, $item_info, $priority, $studip_object_id, $type)
 UpdateItem ($item_id, $item_name, $item_info, $type)
 DeleteItems ($items_to_delete)
 DeleteSemEntries ($item_ids=null, $sem_entries=null)
 InsertSemEntry ($sem_tree_id, $seminar_id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TreeAbstract
 init ()
 storeItem ($item_id, $parent_id, $name, $priority)
 buildIndex ($item_id=false)
 getKids ($item_id)
 getNumKids ($item_id)
 getKidsKids ($item_id, $in_recursion=false)
 getNumKidsKids ($item_id, $in_recursion=false)
 isLastKid ($item_id)
 isFirstKid ($item_id)
 isChildOf ($ancestor_id, $item_id)
 hasKids ($item_id)
 getItemPath ($item_id)
 getParents ($item_id)
 getShortPath ($item_id, $length=null, $delimeter=">", $offset=0)
 getMaxPriority ($parent_id)
 getNumEntries ($item_id, $num_entries_from_kids=false)
 getNumEntriesKids ($item_id, $in_recursion=false)
 getValue ($item_id, $field)

Data Fields

 $sem_dates = []
 $sem_number = null
 $visible_only = false
 $sem_status = []
- Data Fields inherited from TreeAbstract
 $tree_data = []
 $tree_childs = []
 $tree_num_childs = []
 $index_offset = 0

Protected Attributes

 $entries_init_done = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TreeAbstract
static GetInstance ($class_name, $args=null, $invalidate_cache=false)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TreeAbstract
 __construct ()

Detailed Description

class to handle the seminar tree

This class provides an interface to the structure of the seminar tree


André Noack GPL2 or any later version

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $args)


do not use directly, call TreeAbstract::GetInstance("StudipRangeTree") private

Member Function Documentation

DeleteItems (   $items_to_delete)
DeleteSemEntries (   $item_ids = null,
  $sem_entries = null 
getAdminRange (   $item_id)
getLonelySemData (   $item_id)
getNumEntries (   $item_id,
  $num_entries_from_kids = false 
getSemData (   $item_id,
  $sem_data_from_kids = false 
getSemIds (   $item_id,
  $ids_from_kids = false 
init ( )

initializes the tree

stores all rows from table sem_tree in array $tree_data public

initEntries ( )
InsertItem (   $item_id,
InsertSemEntry (   $sem_tree_id,
isHiddenItem (   $item_id)
isModuleItem (   $item_id)
UpdateItem (   $item_id,

Field Documentation

$entries_init_done = false
$sem_dates = []
$sem_number = null
$sem_status = []
$visible_only = false

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