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StudyAreasLVGroupsCombinedWizardStep Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StudyAreasLVGroupsCombinedWizardStep:
StudyAreasWizardStep CourseWizardStep

Public Member Functions

 validate ($values)
 storeValues ($course, $values)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StudyAreasWizardStep
 getStepTemplate ($values, $stepnumber, $temp_id)
 alterValues ($values)
 validate ($values)
 storeValues ($course, $values)
 isRequired ($values)
 copy ($course, $values)
 getSemTreeLevel ($parentId)
 searchSemTree ($searchterm, $id_only=false)
 getAncestorTree ($id)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from StudyAreasWizardStep
 buildPartialSemTree ($node, $id_only=false)

Member Function Documentation

storeValues (   $course,

Stores the given values to the given course.

Course$coursethe course to store values for
Array$valuesvalues to set
Course The course object with updated values.

Implements CourseWizardStep.

validate (   $values)

Validates if given values are sufficient for completing the current course wizard step and switch to another one. If not, all errors are collected and shown via PageLayout::postMessage.

mixed$valuesArray of stored values
bool Everything ok?

Implements CourseWizardStep.

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