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TemplateWidget Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TemplateWidget:
SidebarWidget Widget

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($title, Flexi_Template $template, array $variables=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from SidebarWidget
 __construct ()
 setId (string $id)
 getId ()
 setTitle ($title)
 getTitle ()
 removeTitle ()
 setExtra ($extra)
 getExtra ()
 removeExtra ()
 setAdditionalAttribute (string $key, $value)
 setAdditionalAttributes (array $attributes)
 removeAdditionalAttribute (string $key)
 render ($variables=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from Widget
 addElement (WidgetElement $element, $index=null)
 insertElement (WidgetElement $element, $before_index, $index=null)
 getElement ($index)
 getElements ()
 removeElement ($index)
 hasElements ()
 hasElement ($index)
 forceRendering ($state=true)
 addLayoutCSSClass ($css_class)
 removeLayoutCSSClass ($css_class)
 render ($variables=[])
 __isset ($offset)
 __get ($offset)
 __set ($offset, $value)
 __unset ($offset)

Protected Attributes

 $forced_rendering = true
- Protected Attributes inherited from SidebarWidget
 $additional_attributes = []
- Protected Attributes inherited from Widget
 $elements = []
 $template = 'widgets/widget'
 $template_variables = []
 $layout = 'widgets/widget-layout'
 $forced_rendering = false
 $layout_css_classes = []

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Widget
 guessIndex (WidgetElement $element)

Detailed Description

This widget type consists of a template and associated variables and will render the template content as the widget content.

Jan-Hendrik Willms GPL2 or any later version
Stud.IP 4.0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $title,
Flexi_Template  $template,
array  $variables = [] 

Constructor of the widget.

String$titleTitle of the widget
Flexi_Template$templateTemplate for the widget
array$variablesAssociated variables for the template

Field Documentation

$forced_rendering = true

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