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AdminCourseAction Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

 getAdminActionURL ()
 useMultimode ()
 getAdminCourseActionTemplate ($course_id, $values=null)

Member Function Documentation

getAdminActionURL ( )
getAdminCourseActionTemplate (   $course_id,
  $values = null 

Returns a template for a small table cell (the

wraps the template-content) in which you can set inputs and links to display special actions for an admin for the given course.

useMultimode ( )

Defines if the Plugin wants to use the multimode to edit multiple courses at once.

boolean|string: false, if multimode is not important, else true. But you can also set it to a string (means true) that is the label of the send-button like _("Veranstaltungen archivieren")

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