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ExportDocument Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for ExportDocument:

Public Member Functions

 addPage ()
 addContent ($content)
 dispatch ($filename)
 save ($filename, $folder_id=null)

Detailed Description

This interface describes a basic structure for a class that exports content or many contents within a document. It is used in ExportPDF, but could be used for classes that export Excel or OpenDocument files as well. The main operation to get a document by stud.ip-formatted text is quite simple:

$doc = new ExportPDF(); $doc->addPage(); $doc->addContent('Hallo, %wir%% benutzen :studip: -Formatierung.'); $doc->dispatch("test_pdf"); //lines following dispatch won't be accessed anymor, because dispatch //cancels all other output.

Member Function Documentation

addContent (   $content)

Adding an area of Stud.IP formatted content.

Implemented in ExportPDF.

addPage ( )

Adding a new page to write new content on it. Must be called at least once before any call of addContent($text).

dispatch (   $filename)

Outputs the content as a file with MIME-type and aborts any other output.

string$filenamename of the future file without the extension.

Implemented in ExportPDF.

save (   $filename,
  $folder_id = null 

Saves the content as a file in the filesystem and returns a Stud.IP-document object.

string$filenamename of the future file without the extension.
mixed$folder_idmd5-id of a given folder in database or null for nothing
StudipDocument of the exported file or false if creation of StudipDocument failed.

Implemented in ExportPDF.

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