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PortalPlugin Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for PortalPlugin:
ActivityFeed ContentsWidget EvaluationsWidget MyCoursesWidget NewsWidget QuickSelection ScheduleWidget TerminWidget

Public Member Functions

 getPortalTemplate ()

Member Function Documentation

getPortalTemplate ( )

Return a template (an instance of the Flexi_Template class) to be rendered on the start or portal page. Return NULL to render nothing for this plugin.

The template will automatically get a standard layout, which can be configured via attributes set on the template:

title title to display, defaults to plugin name icon_url icon for this plugin (if any) admin_url admin link for this plugin (if any) admin_title title for admin link (default: Administration)

?Flexi_Template template object to render or NULL

Implemented in ScheduleWidget, EvaluationsWidget, TerminWidget, MyCoursesWidget, NewsWidget, QuickSelection, ContentsWidget, and ActivityFeed.

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