Tips and Tricks for preparing polls and tests

  1. Do not prepare too many polls and also remember to stop or delete outdated or long-running polls if necessary. The results are still available if the polls are stopped.
  2. Remember when selecting the poll or test title that it should encourage the user to look at your polls.
  3. The question should be precisely formulated.
  4. Sometimes it is appropriate to design several questions (polls or tests) on one topic instead of integrating all of the information in one poll.
  5. Polls whose evaluation is personalised frequently have fewer participants. Not everyone wants his answers known to the enquirer or even all Stud.IP users. This is particularly true in cases involving questions to personal habits or attitudes.
  6. If as many users as possible are to participate, it is appropriate to also offer as many different options as possible for response options. In this manner, nearly everyone has the possibility of selecting the correct answer for him- or herself.
  7. Polls can be very appropriate in searching for alternative dates for courses. Depending on the circumstances, it can be appropriate to request that the participants mark the desired dates or alternatively the undesirable ones.
  8. Poorly formulated and ill-conceived polls can easily result in discontent, particularly when the participants are asked to vote on the same topic with altered formulation of the question.

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