Smilies, Smilies, Smilies...

...or also emoticons or “grinning faces“ or whatever you want to call them. Smilies are fantastic. You should absolutey decorate every posting that you place in Stud.IP, every news item and every SMS with a Smiley. That’s also the reason why there are so many of them! Smilies serve to clarify feelings or settings.

If you write, for example, something which could be insulting, that is cruel.

 However, if you write something which could very well be insulting and add a winking Smiley to it, that’s irony. Magic! Unbelievable! Simply grandiose!

Adding Smilies is very simple. Click on the link given below to display all the available Smilies. After each Smiley there is a designation sandwiched between two colons. That’s the Smiley’s name. To place a Smiley at the location you desire, simply enter its name (including the bracketing colons) or the abbreviation there.

And immediately a disdainfully typed in :wavey: becómes an amusing, wavying Smiley-grinning friend for life:

The best thing about it is that Smilies function nearly everywhere:

  • In the Forum
  • In an SMS
  • In Chats in any case (that’s where the little jokers come from)
  • On your own homepage
  • In news items

And best of all: Smilies propogate like rabbits! Their numbers are continually increasing; consequently, you should occassionally look to see if new ones have been added.

The person who guesses what is being shown here can win a great prize.

Please send your entries to this link . All decisions are final!

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