Course appointments, surveys and news

There are changes related to your office hour? A course needs to be cancelled? There is an interessting lecture and you want to inform your students about that? Use the announcements to advertise such events that are interesting for all participants of your course or visitors of your profil.

Create announcements

You can create an announcement via two possible ways: Via your personal profil page or within the realm tools via the section announcements.

  1. Create announcements via your profil
    You can call up announcements on your profil page. To create a new announcement click on the plus igon on the left:
    Ankündigung 1 1
  2. Create announcements via tools
    Alternatively you can choos the tab "announcements" on the section "tools" and with the button "create announcements" that is within the sidebar on the left you can create a new announcement:
    Ankündigung 2

In the following window you can write down the headline and a text about the announcement. With the button "release date" and "end date" you decide when your announcement should be shown. Moreover you can decide if your announcemen admits comments or not. Set a tick if you want to allow comments and no tick if you dont wish so.
If you want to create an announcement via your profil page, it automatically is set, that the announcement will be shown on your profil. If you are a tutor of a course or even the lecturer of a faculty you can also let the announcement be shown there. Therefore click on "Show in other areas" and you can look for faculties via the button "search tamplets" or look for them via the search option. On the right you can see where your announcement will be shown exactly. Click on "create new announcement" in the end.

Edit existing announcements

When you already created an announcement you can edit it via your profil page or tools as well.

You can see your announcements and you can edit or delete them by using the corresponding button.

Therefor you can edit already created announcencments via every section, that means taht you can still decide if you want to allow comments or not.

Are there no announcements within a course or an area yet you can see this as well. In this case or if you want to create a new announcement please click on the plus or on the button "create announcement" and do as explained above.

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