Stopping surveys and tests

You have various options for stopping a survey or a test.

1. You enter an end time at which the survey or test will be automatically stopped when you prepare the survey or test. The survey will then be filed in the Survey administration area under “Stopped surveys / tests":

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The inactive survey can also be spotted at first glance because of the red arrow.

2. You stop or delete the survey or the test manually. To do this, click on or . If you delete the survey or the test, the results of the survey are naturally irrevocably lost. If you stop the survey, it will be filed as described in 1.

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Administration of stopped surveys and tests

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  • You can resume the surveys or tests at any time, i.e. the previously received votes are retained and additional users can participate in the survey.
  • You can also reset them to 0 and continue them as surveys or tests without the previously received votes.
  • You can make a copy and make an arbitrary number of changes on the copy. This is convenient, e.g. when a survey has already run for a week, and you would like to restart this type of survey or test, perhaps with other answers or a modified formulation of the question.
  • You can also delete them from the list of stopped surveys if you no longer need the results of the survey or test.
  • The visibility of stopped surveys may be changed by clicking on the eye . The closed eye means that the survey or test cannot be viewed by others on your profile or on the institution’s page; with an open eye other users of the system can see the results of stopped surveys or tests under “Expired surveys”.

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