Uploading files

Since Stud.IP 4.0 files can be uploaded to a file area from multiple sources. Either from your own computer, from a web address, from the personal file area or from courses.

There are two ways to upload a file from your computer. The classic method is to click on "Add file" in the left sidebar of a file area, select "My computer" as source and then select one or more files. Since Stud.IP 4.0 it is possible to upload files via drag & drop. Just select the files to be uploaded in a file manager of your operating system, drag them into the browser window where the Stud.IP file area is shown. After that the files will be placed inside the folder of the file area which is currently shown.

To upload a file from a web address (URL) you must select "Web address" as source. The following dialog will open:

In that dialog you must enter the web address and enter a file name. The selectors "Direct link" and "Link via proxy" define the behavior when downloading the file. If "Direct link" is selected the download will start directly from the web address. If "Link via proxy" is selected the file will be downloaded from the Stud.IP system first and then send to you. This method can be handy if a web address is reachable from the Stud.IP sytem but not from the rest of the internet.

For all files the terms of use must be set after uploading. For this you select the appropriate terms of use from the list of available terms of use in the Stud.IP system. By the description texts for the terms of use you can decide which terms of use fits best for the uploaded file(s).

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