With the Motivatoring-Tool students can capture their and their study groups study motivation, constitute it graphical and therefor have a better control.

Additional they can look at their study groups motivation and in case change their plans corrisponding to the results.

You can get to that tool via the navigation.

You can do four actions on this page.

  • In the Questionpool all the questions will apear.
  • Standard-Questions are questions that are already prepared.
  • You can creat your own Questions .
  • On Statistic you can see all the answers of the questions and create a graph.

If you did not prepare any questions your Questionpool is empty. With the button "create" you can create questions.

The page that appears is the the same page that appears when you click on create questions on the overview page.

Formulate a positiv and the corresponding negative utterance. Save the question.

Answering the motivotioring questions is the same like in school.

At the screen Standard-Questions you can choose which questions you want to create- Therefor you need to choose "yes" if you want to create it and "no" if you do not.

Click on create to save your entrys.

In your question pool the new questions occur. Now they can be answered by the participans. You can delete the questions by clicking on the trash button.

Participans can answer the motovotoring questions after they finished they tasks.

On the statistik page you can see two tables and the corresponting grafic.

On the first tabel with the name general survey all answers for the questions will be categorised according to the tasks.

On the second tabel with the name general survey (median) the answers are categorised according to categorys and tasks.

Furthermore the answers are sorted to groups.

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