Creating a new meeting

Enter a title for the meeting in the empty text field and click on "Meeting erstellen".

The meeting will now appear in your list of meetings. The buttons on the right side allow you to make various settings for the meeting

Put a check mark under "Released" to make the meeting visible to the participants of your Stud.IP course (absolutely necessary before using the room for a meeting!).

Clicking on will display information about the meeting room, for example what rights participants have and how many people have entered the meeting altogether.

By clicking you can change the name of the meeting and possibly add a URL for recording.

With it you can determine how many rights participants have in the meeting room. If you leave these settings at the default setting, attendees in the meeting room have limited rights. The symbol changes with one click and the participants get organizer rights in the meeting room. However, you should avoid this (especially with large groups)! If you (later) only want to promote individual participants in your meeting to organizers or moderators, you can change this yourself in the meeting room.

With you can delete the meeting.

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