The Stud.IP timetable is a really practical tool: at last no more scribbling around on pieces of scratch paper at the beginning of the semester. The timetable automatically lists all the courses in which you have enrolled clearly.

However, only all the regular courses are listed. Block seminars and similar courses are not listed!

You access your timetable via the "Planner" button on the start page. Then you click on "timetable".

Here you immediately see a list of all the regular courses in which you have enrolled. In addition you can also add courses by clicking on the 'New entry" button.

Using this field you can enter courses from unaffiliated faculties or institutes (or also athletic training or your night activities). Enter the day and the time of the course. Then enter the title in the Description field. With a click on the Register button your entry is added to the timetable. You can also remove courses which you have manually entered from the timetable.

You can naturally also print out your timetable: to do this click on the Print version subitem on the tab on the upper screen margin. You now see a printable version of your timetable. To initiate the print out on a connected printer, please use the print function of your browser (located in the File menu on all browsers).

You can customise the appearance of your timetable. You will now find out how this is done.

At the end of the term, the timetable is automatically updated for the next semester. However, via the Adapt appearance subitem you can display the timetables of the next and the past semester. That can be very practical when is again time bring your educational records up to date.

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