You have always wanted to know how appropriate your fellow students consider the introduction of tuition to be or how certain books in your course were received. Or you wanted to find out what others know about your favourite topic? If that is the case, then this function is exactly right for you! You have the possibility of preparing surveys and tests on your profile. Other Stud.IP users can participate in them. To find out more, click on Tools in the header bar and then Surveys and Tests subitem.

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You now have the option of whether you desire to prepare a new Survey or a new Test.

A Survey is preferable if you desire to ask other users about their opinion because a survey has nothing to do with finding a correct solution, but rather selecting the answer which fits you best from a list of all possible answers.

If you have comprehensive issues or would like to ask questions about a number of subitems from a thematic complex and, if necessary, to statistically evaluate them, then consider preparing an evaluation.

A Test is appropriate if you want to ask a question about a specific topic for which there is one or more possible correct answers.

Decide whether you want to prepare a survey or a test and where you desire to prepare it. In any case you can prepare surveys and tests on your own profile; as tutor or lecturer you can also do so in courses or institutions. Then click on "create survey or test".

You can also click on the cog wheel next to the surveys item on your personal profile or in your institution to prepare new survey or tests.

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