Assessment of evaluations

You can asses your evaluation results through Stud.IP
There are absolute and percantage frequencys. According to that frequencys are diagrammed. You can get your results as PDF files.

To get an analyse of your evaluation you have to press the button "assess".

Your evaluation will be assessed.

All analysed questions will be shown on one page.

On the right you can see a symbol diagramm for every block in its title bar. Choose one of the symbols and the display format will change. You will receive the results in tabular form instead of diagrammed.

At the very top you will find three controlings:

  • PDF-Export: The score will be open in your browser or via Acrobat Reader in PDF-Format (dependig on your browser settings). Now you can save the score as PDF file.
  • Print sight: A new screen window will open with a printable version of your score. You can print it via the print function of your browser.
  • Double arrow : The konfiguration of your score will open.
  • When you change the standard konfiguration and you want to keep the settings for further evaluations you need to save your modifications. If you want to reset your changes you need to press the button "Reverse" and all changes will turn back to the standard konfoguration.
  • Via the button "back" you will get back to the score of your evaluation.

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