Unlock courses


Important! All courses in Stud.IP need to be unlocked by lecturers or Stud.IP-admins so that students are able to enrol for the courses. Locking courses prevents students from enrolling in courses that are not maintained via Stud.IP. Students are able to add locked (but visible) courses to their timetables.

Select courses

In order to unlock your course select the respective course from the course overview.

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After you logged in on Stud.IP you can access the course overview via the link “My courses“. Alternatively you can select the icon “courses“ from the toolbar at the top of the main page. Please select the respective course you wish to unlock on the overview page that shows all your courses.

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The overview page of the selected course will open.

Course administration

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Select the tab “Administration“ in order to change to the administrative area of your course.

Change access settings

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Click on the item “access settings“.

On the following page you can unlock your course.

Unlock the course

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A green check mark on the button “closed“ indicates that your course is presently locked. In order to unlock the course select the button “none“. To restrict the participation rights of the course there are two options: “by lots“ and “chronological“. Clicking on “apply“ will save your settings.

Direct or provisional entry

Under registration mode you can decide whether students can directly or provisionally enrol in your course.

Direct entry means that enrolled students have direct access to all contents of the course.

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By selecting provisional entry a list of students is created that would like to participate in the course. You need to admit them manually (e.g. after the first session) to ensure that they have access to the contents of the course. People that are only provisionally enrolled have no access to any contents of the course.

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