Basic data

You can manage your personal entries in the User data area of your homepage.

The first six fields (User name/Password/Password repetition/First name/Last name/Email address — all marked with a red *) have to be filled in. All other data is voluntary.

Depending on the installation, it may not be possible for you to change some entries, e.g. the user ID. If changes in such blocked fields are necessary, please contact your local Stud.IP administrators (can be found in the "Legal details" section). Under “Title“ you can select an academic title, which is to be placed before or after your name (e.g. "Prof. Dr. Irmtrud Müller-Fröhn" or "Heribert Weizenkeim, Dipl.Psychologe"), from a list or input it directly.

Please dispense with titles such as "Student", "stud.jur." or even something like “Consul of TuVaLu” or “Future Emperor of the World”. The use of academic titles is reserved for postgraduates. If you call yourself “Diplom-Mathematiker” even though you still have 12 semesters before you can take the examination, you could be charged with misuse of title.

Under “Gender“ please state whether you are female or male. Under the “Homepage” item you can refer to your own existing homepage; under “Hobbies” there is space for listing your interests.

New settings are saved with a click on the

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