Interaction with others

The interaction among the users is the essence of Stud.IP. We would like to intentionally distance ourselves from learning systems in which every participant simply solves his problems stolidly and alone — we consider that to be an impoverishment of the course of studies.

Different features which promote interaction among the users have been integrated into Stud.IP.

The profile is the most interesting feature of the system. After registration each user is assigned an area which he or she can configure him-/herself within certain limits.

Other user of the system (and only they!) can then obtain information from this profile.

There are many different possibilities for finding other users' profile.

  • Links to names

In general, the following applies: if the name of a person is indicated as a link (blue color), this refers to the profile. That can be lecturers or participants, the author of news or postings and many others. Do not be afraid to click on names — you cannot, e.g., unintentionally send emails.

  • The person search

In this context you can search directly for names. You receive a set of hits whose names are linked as described above. You will find the icon for conducting your search on the header bar.

Community Also on the header bar you can see a link called "Community". Click on it and you receive a list of these people — naturally with links to their profile.

As you enjoy other users’ pictures, others are glad when you yourself do not “politely remain in the background.” Reveal a bit of yourself to the other users, and upload a picture. You will find a instructions on how to do so here!

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