To change the settings of a video, please click the title of the video.

A new window appears which is similar to the one when uploading a video.

At the bottom of the window are further settings available.

By clicking Download you can download your video. By default everyone who has access to the video is able to download it. If you do not want others to download your video, please click "download sichtbar" (= download visible) and the state will change to "download verborgen" (= download invisible). Please keep in mind that this process only hides the download button. In a roundabout way it is still possible to download the video. If you do not want the video to be downloaded by no means, you may consider to not upload any videos to the internet.

No matter who can access the video, when clicking "visible" next to "Sichtbarkeit anpassen" (= set visibility) the video will not be visible anymore for participants and the state changed to "locked". This feature can be useful e.g. when thinking about deleting a video but not being quite sure yet.

At the bottom you can see a listing of other versions of the media file ("Medienderivate / Dateiversionen"). To play back one of those versions in a separate window, click the blue play button. To play back the video in full screen mode, click this blue button. The version, which is played back by default, is marked by this filled-out video camera symbol. To set another version as default, click the blank video camera symbol. If you made your video accessible without Stud.IP, you can generate a link, meta data or code to embed the video in an environment of your choice or a special code for embed the video into Ilias by clicking the blue arrow. To delete one of the file versions, click the blue trashcan. Due to the current situation, the creation of other file versions is deactivated to save space on the server.

When everything is set, do not forget to click Save.

If you would like to delete a video with all of the corresponding file versions, just click Delete.

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