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Meetings is a function for performing and administering live online training courses, online presentations (such as lectures) and video conferences. Participants of a live online event can hear and see each other, share documents (such as .pdf and .docx), cooperatively writing a text in real time, communicate via a group chat or direct messages and share their desktop with the other participants.

Within the Stud.IP platform, a meeting is always connected to a course. You can decide, whether only docents and participants of the course are able to access the meeting or if people, who do not have access to Stud.IP, can enter the meeting by an invitation link, too. The course, which is connected to the meeting, can be a lecture or a study group. With study groups, there is the opportunity to create meetings, which are not connected to a lecture. Therefore, docents can connect with their colleges and students can organize groups for collaborative studying.

Support decentralized studying

Docents are able to create meetings for each tutorial within their course. By choosing the right settings, tutors can get all rights within a meeting so that their able to organize their tutorial on their own. Other students can receive more rights, too. So, they can, for example, record the meeting and are able to go through the learning content again and again – as much as they like and need. Furthermore, students, who were not able to join a meeting, can rework the missed content.

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