Copying and moving folders

Copying and moving folders works the same way as copying and moving files.

To copy or move a single file click on the action menu (the three dots at the right edge of a file entry) and select either "Copy folder" or "Move folder". To copy or move multiple folders set the checkbox on those folders which is placed left of the folder name and click on the "Copy" or "Move" button below the file area's file and folder list.

After selecting one or more folders for copying or moving a dialog will open which asks you for the target directory in which the folder(s) shall be placed. In that dialog you may select the current folder, a folder from your personal file area, a folder from a course's file area or a folder from an institute's file area. After you have selected a target folder the folder(s) will be copied or moved by clicking the button "Copy here" or "Move here" at the bottom of the dialog.

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