Frequently used links

In this window you will find links to frequently used pages. Some of the links are additionally on the Header bar. (

The links in detail:

My courses

Via this link you move to an overview page which lists all of the courses in which you are enrolled (i.e. the courses in this semester in which you are enrolled or which you teach). There you see at a glance whether there is new information since you last logged in and can then visit the courses. Via the Add courses link you can look for courses on Stud.IP and enrol in them.

"My courses" is also present on the Header bar:

My planner

With this button you move to your personal Appointment calendar as well as to your Address book, which you can modify the way you want. The Personal schedule menu subitem automatically shows you all of the courses in which you have enrolled in a weekly overview. You can also enter your own courses or print out your schedule.

"My planner" is also present on the Header bar:


By clicking on this you move to your very own profile in Stud.IP. You can set up your personal profile, provide information to your courses of studies or your place of work, upload a picture of yourself, change your password, and much more.

"Profile" is also present on the Header bar:


Here you can look for People or Courses who or which are registered on Stud.IP.

"Search" can also be reached via the Header bar:


By clicking on this you access this help page. Our help system is mostly context sensitive. This means that the system attempts to find out which area of Stud.IP you need help for and directly offers you the relevant help page. If necessary please use the index.

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