Search for people

You can very selectively search the system for people. Access the Search feature via the Magnifying glass icon on the Header bar and subsequently, the “People” tab. You now see the following image: Attach:personensuche.png Δ

All the institutions are listed in the In institutions list. Select an institution from the list and click on Display at the end of the line. A list is displayed with all the Stud.IP participants who are also assigned to that institution.

The In courses box functions analogously. All the courses which you have in enrolled in are listed there. With a click on Display you are shown the respective list of participants.

If you wish to conduct a completely open search, you can also do that. Enter the first or last name (or of course both) of the person to be found in the Name box. The search is started with a click on the Search button, and a list of the hits is displayed. You only have to click on a name in the hit list to be transferred to that person’s Stud.IP profile -- if the latter is set to visible.

System users with user status can only be found by root-Admins via the search for people. This search will be unsuccessful for anyone else.

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