Edit your timetable settings

Of course you can also edit your timetable. For the changes you need to open your timetable. Then you press the button change view.

Time period
You can specify from which starting time to which ending time a day in your timetable should be displayed. All time periods between 0:00 and 23:00 hours are possible; the subdivision is in hourly intervals.
Displayed week days
As default, the timetable shows all week days from Monday to Sunday. You see that on the checkmarks in the checkboxes in front of the individual days. If you really have a free day, you can remove it with a click on the checkmark in front of it. That day of the week will then no longer be displayed in the timetable.
Displayed term (semester)
Naturally, it is most appropriate to enter the respective current term (semester) here. However, it can sometimes be necessary to know which courses one had in a previous term (semester) (e.g. when one brings one’s educational records up to date).

To save the settings, press the "save" button.

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