Activating/Deactivating course modules

On the module Administration page you can adapt the courses or the institutions (depending on the area in which you area now visiting) to your own needs. The different functions such as the Forum, the Document folder or the Chat room can be switched on or off at any time.

On the Module administration page you see a list of all the available modules (depending on the configuration of Stud.IP this list can look different). Here you can see at a glance which modules in your course or institution are currently activated or deactivated. Next to the Status indicator (marking at “on“ or “off“), you see a message that provides information as to whether the corresponding module can be switched off without problems.

To manage content elements such as the Forum, Documents, Wiki, etc., you can either click on the “Administration” tab in your course or institution and then click on the “+” tab (on the right).

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Please take the red warnings seriously. If you deactivate a module that already has contents (for example discussions in the Forum or uploaded files in the Document folder), its contents will be deleted. If you activate a module highlighted in red, a warning will be displayed which informs you as to the contents that will be deleted. You must confirm this message or cancel.

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When you set up a new course or institution, it will be created with the stipulated “standard configuration” of modules. It is possible that modules are present which are not initially activated in your course or institution. In this case you can calmly check what these modules do and try switching them on.

With a click on "Accept" the modified module configuration is stored. Pay attention to the “This data has not yet been saved!" message. When this text message is displayed, the modified module configuration has not yet been saved because there is a problem (for example that you must again confirm the deactivation of a module if contents will be deleted by doing so).

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