Naming wiki pages

Using WikiNames

To ensure that page names in text are recognised as such and can be automatically transformed into links, they must adhere to a special form (termed WikiNames in the following). You must select the names of all pages which you wish to set up or to refer to according to this convention.

Rules for WikiNames

  • WikiNames must begin with a capital letter.
  • There must be at least one capital letter inside the name. (“Inside the name” means that the capital letter must be located between two small letters.)


  • ReferenceList is a valid WikiName.
  • ReferenceListSupplement is also a valid WikiName, i.e. there can be any arbitrary number of capital letters inside the word.
  • Referencelist is not a WikiName because there is no capital letter inside the word.
  • Referencelist and ReferencelisT are not WikiNames because the second capital letter is not surrounded by two small letters.
  • ReferenceList23 is a WikiName because such names can contain numbers in addition to letters.
  • ReferenceList23.4. or ReferenceList-23 as an entity is not a WikiName because no symbols other than number and letters may be used in such names.

Use of arbitrary names for wiki pages

Note: The option of giving wiki pages any arbitrary name is available as from Version 1.9 (April 2009).

Wiki pages, which do not comply with the capital letter convention for WikiNames, can be referred to with Name of wiki page?. To create such a page, first write a link as usual on a page at any arbitrary location in the wiki and subsequently click on the generated link.

Additionally, you can also specify a link text which deviates from the page name, by using Displayed link text?


[[Reference list]]
generates a link to the wiki page “Reference list”.
Do not forget [[Reference list|Look up]]
generates a link to the wiki page “Reference list”, but displays “Look up” as link text.

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