ILIAS is not part of Stud.IP, but rather an autonomous working environment with which, e.g., learning units and courses can be created, managed and used. The software was developed in the scope of the VIRTUS Project at the Economics and Social Sciences Faculty of the University of Cologne. We have linked Stud.IP with ILIAS so that learning modules developed in ILIAS can be used in Stud.IP courses and so that one can use both systems without renewed Login. As a result, Stud.IP can be used by students, lecturers and other university staff members for the communication, administration of in-class lectures, and planning of the university working day, whereas ILIAS provides learning modules, online courses and tests, which have been made directly assessable to Stud.IP users in this manner.

According to the motto, "Don’t panic!" when a complete different system appears by clicking on an ILIAS learning module.

How can I use such a learning module?

Before one can use an ILIAS learning module for the first time, an existing account (It does not make any difference whether one had already logged into Stud.IP or ILIAS) must be linked. If no account has yet been linked, Stud.IP automatically inquires about this and provides the appropriate link via its linking feature. Simply click on „My ILIAS account“. Now two selection options are provided:

  • If you already have an account in the ILIAS System in your institution, you can link this existing account to your Stud.IP account such that none of the settings of the existing account are lost.
  • If you do not have an account in the appropriate ILIAS System, you can also set up your Stud.IP account in ILIAS. In this context, the permission levels are set accordingly.

When this has been done, you can directly enter the ILIAS System via an appropriate link in all courses which are linked to ILIAS learning modules.

Attention: When you start a learning module, ILIAS is opened in a new window. This window can be closed when you are done; your Stud.IP window remains open.

Creating your own learning modules

Stud.IP can be set up such that each user can create his or her own learning module. If this option exists in your Stud.IP installation, a link with which you can transfer to the ILIAS System to set up learning modules, appears in the overview of available learning modules. Details are to be found in the ILIAS System’s Help pages. When you have created a learning module, ask your course’s lecturer or tutor if you desire to make your learning module available to other course participants.

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