On this page there is an Overview of all participants of the course.

The people are arranged according to groups. The instructors are at the very top, then the tutors and finally the “rank and file”, the normal participants, mostly students.

Next to each person’s name is the number of postings he or she has authored as well as the number of uploaded documents.

The sequence of the person within a group is determined by the number of postings — thus you see who is most active in their online work.

You can change the type of ordiance within a group by clicking on the column headers (for example, on Author — now the participants will be sorted according to their names).

A click on a name takes you to the respective person’s profile. From there you can directly contact one of those responsible, for example, with regard to questions or comments (which you do not desire to make in the Forum) or simply quickly contact fellow students by e-mail or Internal system message'. Communication is everything!

From lecturer status upwards you can appoint or dismiss tutors in a course as well as expel trouble-makers from the course area. You will find more information on this here.

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