Maintaining an overview

In large wikis which comprise many pages, it is easy to lose track of things. This is true regardless of whether changes occur simultaneously in many places or whether the linkage of pages with one another is no longer easy to understand.

It is alway possible to return to the Start page. To do this click on the "WikiWikiWeb" menu item:

You will find a list of changes made since your last Login under the adjacent menu item "New pages"'. There you are shown a list of changed pages and can either view the current version of the respective page or move directly to the Change view (see below). The “Changes” column states how often a page has been changed; additionally the date and author of the last change is displayed.

The List of all pages functions similarly to the overview of new pages. You will also find this menu item on the upper menu bar next to “New pages”. All the existing pages are listed there. By clicking on the column headings it is possible to sort the list by page title, number of changes, and the last date of change.

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