Manage, edit and delete topics

Manage topics

First of all create a new topic. This can be done in the menu point “Setup”, if you click on “create”. After you created a topic, a new entry appears for the editing of the topic.

The participants are not able to upload answers; they can only edit the assignments. Therefore it is important, that you create assignments for a topic.

Edit and delete topics

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  • Choose the title of the topic
  • Compose a description about the topic and save your input
  • Choose the visibility of your topic by clicking on the “visibility” button (active)
  • Furthermore, you are able to choose the date from which the topic should be visible

Save your changes. You will receive an overview about the topic with the following menu points: edit, delete, new assignment ('Aufgabe erstellen'), upload file and copy. Attach:DoIT!3b.jpeg Δ
If you delete a topic, the associated assignments and answers will also be deleted!

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