The Export module

The Stud.IP Export module is an optional programme part which makes data from the Stud.IP database available in different formats. Course or personal data (e.g. the course commentaries of an institute or lists of staff members) can be exported. The basic format for export is XML (Extensible Markup Language). These XML files are used to generate files in TXT, RTF, HTML or PDF format by means of transformation scripts. The Export module can be used in two different ways:

1. Via the Stud.IP interface: There are references to the Export module in the system on appropriate pages (Participants’ page, Course list, Administration area, etc.)

2. Via direct access of the module with parameters: The basic data of courses and staff members are accessible via external call-up of the module.

What are the benefits for normal users?

The functions of the Export module are not accessible to normal users because the functions of the modules are intended for administration (management) tasks. However, it is possible, e.g., to integrate the export of the Personal schedule; thus also making the export functions available to students.

What are the benefits for lecturers and administrators?

Lecturers and administration staff members have the opportunity of putting the data in the Stud.IP database into a format which can be further processed and printed in other applications. As a result, the preparation of course commentaries and catalogues as well lists of staff members is greatly simplified. Lecturers can have lists with those participating in their courses prepared as RTF files. The formatting and design of the files generated by the Export module can be changed by the addition or revision of transformation scripts.

In addition to these concrete application areas, the module also allows the data to be read by other programmes. By calling up the export modules via the appropriate parameters, course or personal data can be retrieved as XML or HTML data stream. They can then be automatically processed by the respective programme.

The Export module is fundamentally extensible and in later versions of Stud.IP will allow output of additional Stud.IP data (e.g. room allocation plans).

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