University data

In some installations, you must enter your courses of study yourself, in others there are already entries which Stud.IP has received from a central directory service in this field. In both cases only you will be shown this confidential data.

As a student, you can specify the institutions at which you study. Your selection is then displayed on your homepage, and on your course and institution pages. Select an institution or a course of studies, respectively, from the appropriate list and click on


If you desire to specify more than one, that is not a problem either: select several institutions or courses of study with the mouse and hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while doing so (on Apple Computers: the Command key). Then confirm your selection again with

If you have inadvertantly made an incorrect selection, mark the institution or course of studies which ist to be deleted in the grey box on the right side with a checkmark under “Cancel”. Subsequently, press again.

From “Tutor” status or higher — i.e. if you are an employee of an institution — you can also specify your office hours, your room, etc.

The data which you enter on this page in Stud.IP as a tutor or lecturer of an associated institution automatically also appears on the page of your institution — both within Stud.IP and also on the normal homepage, if the latter is coupled to Stud.IP. If you do not adapt this page, no data appear. Therefore, please take some time and fill out this page to the best of your ability with deference to the information interests of the students.

To save the changed settings, click on

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