Appointment calendar

To change the appearance of your calendar click on "Settings" on the header bar and then select the tab "Appointment calendar".

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Here you can adapt the appearance of your Appointment calendar.

Set start view
On activation the Appointment calendar can show a day, week, month or year overview as desired.
Time period of the day and week view
You can stipulate the time interval shown in the day and week view. Settings from 00:00 to 23:00 are possible. You should not have any appointments in the remaining interval anyway.
Time interval in the day view
With this you specify the the day view time intervals (divisions). The shortest intervals are 10-minute steps; the largest periods that can be set are 2-hour units.
Simply use trial and error to find out which divisions are most practical for you.
Time interval in the week view
In principle, it is the same as the day view. However, in this case only divisions of 30 minutes, one hour or two hours are possible.
Defining the week view
Here you can determine whether your Appointment calendar should also display Saturday and Sunday.
The "five day week" is particularly appropriate for lecturers and those who drive home at the weekends. In contrast, extremely serious students with a part-time job select the "seven-day week".
Holidays/Term (Semester) dates
specifies whether the Appointment calendar is to show holidays and term (semester) beginning/end, etc. automatically.

To save the settings, press

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