Information about an institution

Institutions can be faculties, institutes, seminars, schools, etc. at universities. Instutions registered in Stud.IP can be found by using the Search for institutions feature.

On an institution’s Stud.IP page you normally find at least the institution’s address and telephone number. A well-maintained institution page can, exactly like a personal profile, provide much more information — e.g. news, polls or dates, but also its own chat room. In addition, the tab bar along the upper screem margin provides fast access to further information and administration functions — assuming that you have the appropriate permissions. Attach:institution-tab.jpg Δ

Incidentally, not all of the tabs and subitems mentioned below must appear at an institution — certain functions can be deactivated by the administrators.

Overview tab

As on a personal Stud.IP profile, the Info subitem on the “Overview" tab initially provides general information on the institution in question — address, telephone number, telefax, external homepage, etc.

The Courses subitem lists all the courses which the institution offers.

The “Course schedule” subitem presents all of the instutions’ regular courses in a weekly overview (similar to the Personal schedule).

Attach:insti-timetable.jpg Δ

In this manner you can quickly find the courses which will still fit into your schedule.

The Institution management subitem only appears if you are at least registered as a tutor at this institution. There you will find options for processing reference lists, resource plans, etc.

Forum tab

makes a discussion forum, similar to those in courses, available.

Staff tab

lists all of the institution’s staff member with their functions, email address, office hours and rooms.

Documents tab

transfers you to the download area of the institution. Here you may find materials which you need for your studies.

References/Links tab

moves you to lists of references and links which are required for work or the course of studies at the institution.

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