You will find all of the course’s appointments on this page.

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Black appointments are the regular meeting dates. Generally, corresponding folders automatically exist in the file area as well as discussion threads in the forum.

Red appointments are, for example, special meetings or other appointments, which do not fit into the usual rhythm of the course (such as excursion appointments, broadcasts on TV, etc.). These special events may not have any folders and forum topics of their own.

If the document symbol appears next to an appointment, files for this appointment have been transferred into the system. You can move directly to the respective documents by clicking on the icon.


You can select different views of the Course appointment page by means of the Tab system’s subitems.

All appointments
shows both the regular course meetings and the special sessions. This is the normal view.
Regular appointments
only shows the regular course sessions (black appointments)
Other appointments
shows the special sessions (red appointments)
New appointment/Change appointment (from tutor status upwards)
Here you can enter new appointments or adapt existing appointments — you will find a description of this procedure here.

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